How HR Compliance Can Help Small Businesses Avoid Litigation

Our law firm has 60 years of combined experience in assisting clients in all areas of litigation. We have handled small claims including collections all the way up to large claims including multi-million dollar, complex litigation involving multiple parties and jury trials. Litigation is costly and emotionally exhausting. Small businesses are often not prepared for the financial impact of litigation let alone the emotional and personal toll the litigation process can have. We have walked alongside our clients who have experienced years-long, protracted litigation costing our clients money, time and valuable resources when targeted, strategic planning could have reduced some of those risks.  

Our Law Firm’s Mission:
“Helping our clients plan for success and avoid the need for litigation through strategic and targeted planning.”

An essential part of planning for success and avoiding litigation is making sure your small business is current and compliant with state and federal employment regulations and human resource (HR) compliance. Our law firm’s mission grew organically from years of trying cases knowing that strategic and targeted business planning is one of the best risk management investments a business can make. Taking the time and effort to make sure a business is compliant with all federal and state counterparts of employment regulations and HR compliance including, but not limited to, the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Title VI (anti discrimination and anti harassment policies). The FLSA regulations apply to businesses with more than one employee, therefore, most small businesses must be aware of these regulations to avoid risking penalties and backpay. 

Having our experienced legal team review your employment and HR processes and procedures, creating a checklist of any areas of concern or updates that need to be made, and then having our team fulfill that checklist is your Louisiana Small Business’s next step toward planning for success in 2024. 

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